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Real estate giants diverted, speeded up using technology to sell houses, respond to Covid-19
Many experts said that the shock from “Covid-19” showed the agility, timely adaptation of many real estate businesses. This is like a reagent, if anyone is going to have a good pain over this period, it will stay on the market for a long time.
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Real estate manages to go on sales in the pandemic
Online transaction, sales via the app help some investor keep sales speed in addition to a lot of incentive programs in the complex development of the pandemic.
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What is Sunshine Group ambitious about when launching a distinct real estate investment channel in Vietnam?
Information that Sunshine Group launched the first real estate channel (real estate) from only VND 100 million right on the Sunshine App immediately created a fever in the market, attracting a large number of investors to participate. So after an impressive opening, what are the ambitions of Sunshine Group in the near future?
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Vietnam real estate joins the Fintech race with “All in one” super apps
Vietnam's real estate market is actively integrating with the Fintech trend of the world. Recently, the fact that a Vietnamese real estate business was honored with the award of “Best Innovation and Technology Southeast Asia 2019" has partly demonstrated the pioneering steps and position of Vietnamese real estate in the international arena.
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Sunshine Group – Southeast Asia’s Greatest Innovative and Technology Application Investor
Right after the great success of Vietnam at the SEA Game with the glorious victory of both men's and women's football teams in the night of December 12 in Bangkok - Thailand, the name of Vietnam continued to be honored in the "Southeast Asia arena" with the award of " The Greatest Innovative and Technology Application Investor" for Sunshine Group, the leading real estate technology group …
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The Fintech revolution changing the world is “knocking”, the big Vietnamese real estate company awoke
Fintech is certainly a word that is no stranger to those who have been closely monitoring the financial industry in recent years. It stands for financial technology (technology in finance), Fintech is common to all companies that use the internet, mobile phones, cloud computing technologies and open source software for the purpose of improving the efficiency of banking and investment activities.