Sunshine Homes changes Hanoi City’s appearance with the outstanding new looks thanks to the Lighting Technology

The high-class projects, architectural and art works with meticulous investment in Sunshine Homes' light technology have been contributing significantly to the changes of the appearance of the Capital City, enhancing the culture, prosperity and civilization of the modern Hanoi.

According to the analysis of experts, the city at night reflects a different face of urban architecture. In many major cities around the world, high-rise buildings are applied with smart art lighting technology to increase the architectural value of the building.

Eiffel Tower- symbol of the light capital of Paris

In Vietnam, the trend of investing in lighting art with Led technology for buildings has also begun to appear in recent years. However, this is still considered an “easy” game, not for the majority if the investor does not “play” and “pay”, because the cost is up to several tens of billion dong. Art lighting is only applied in the most luxurious projects of a few “big” companies such as: Office building of VPBank, No. 89 Lang Ha, Hanoi; Eurowindow Group’s Headquarters at the crossroads Chua Boc – Pham Ngoc Thach, Hanoi; Discovery Complex Tower at 302 Cau Giay, Hanoi; Geleximco Group Headquarters at No. 36 Hoang Cau, Hanoi…
Therefore, it is not surprising that Sunshine Homes – the real estate development brand of Sunshine Group, is considered as a trendy and “playing” name in Hanoi when the Group recently launched a series of four projects which are equipped with lighting systems – the modern and leading LED technology today.
With most of the architecture whether it is Neoclassical or modern European and American style, the highlights are the strong horizontal lines, vertical and cohesion lines, … reflected on the luxurious Low-E glass surface, Sunshine Homes uses lighting technology combining indirect and direct technology from Led Media system, to create unexpected and unique lighting effects. Along with that technology is the intelligent lighting effect control system connected to multi-colored LEDs, turning the whole building into a super-large screen that can display images and videos with high quality, even when watching a football game or music clips … Especially, the advance of Led technology also shows up advantages such as: energy saving, no ultraviolet rays, no radiation Infrared, low heat emission, no mercury and harmful substances … so that this technology is very environmental-friendly.

Sunshine Center – “headquarters” of Sunshine Group – proudly located on the most expensive Pham Hung Street in the West  of Hanoi City.

Sunshine Center

Strategically located on Pham Hung Street, in the “golden triangle” area of Hanoi real estate, Sunshine Center shows up the magnificent and majestic architectural beauty of the building known as the “the home of Vietnam’s most modern lighting and technology ”- worthy of being a perfect version of Trump Tower (New York)…

Sunshine City Hanoi
In Tay Ho Tay (Hanoi), prominent in Nam Thang Long – Ciputra urban area, Sunshine City project consists of 6 high-rise buildings which are designed with the lighting color changing technology according to the theme to help the building look like Paris excellently at the lights. Being combined with the surrounding green landscape core, this design covers the project with a stunning appearance like an expensive diamond, contributing to bring a whole new look to the landscape surrounding the axial traffic road from Noi Bai airport to the center of Hanoi.
Sunshine Riverside
For the Sunshine Riverside project (the abutment of Nhat Tan Bridge, Hanoi), the Investor uses indirect lighting system with headlights, gutters to illuminate the building, exaggerating the elegance and highlighting characterized architectural features, and paint blocks in three-dimensional space to bring new experiences to viewers.
Sunshine Garden
At the Sunshine Garden project-the center of Hoang Mai District (Hanoi), Sunshine Homes focuses on lighting the roof area and the podium of the building, highlighting the neoclassical beauty of 3 tower blocks in the brilliant black night. .
With the motto of “creating a trendy lifestyle”, and pioneering the application of 4.0 technology in construction management and operation of projects, Sunshine Homes has devoted much effort in bringing modern lighting technology into buildings, contributing to affirm the name as well as significantly change the appearance of urban areas, luxury apartment buildings in the capital.

Now, let’s take a look and admire the colorful light dances at Sunshine Homes project series in Hanoi:

Sunshine Homes contributes to the change of appearance of Hanoi Capital with lightings and technology.
According to the planners, in the long term, when a city is well brightening, it will attract more people to come to the street, which increases cultural and economic activities and community relations.
It is known that regarding the new project series of upcoming product lines in the strategy of restructuring the super-luxury real estate market, Sunshine Homes still pays special attention to invest in this lighting technology to bring the best and most trendy aesthetic value. Let’s look forward to new “lighting capitals” in Saigon, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Quang Ninh … the Sunshine Homes’s territories which have been laid with the foundation for construction in the near future.