Sunshine Homes on top of the West of West Lake luxury real estate game with its collection of 600 splendid villas

Located in the golden area within the affluent neighborhood in the West of West Lake, a collection of 600 villas and shop villas developed by Sunshine Homes - a professional real estate developer of Sunshine Group - is setting new standards of European-style luxury villas for the global elites.

Sunshine Homes and the mission to bring Europe to the heart of Hanoi

Europe has long been considered the birthplace of modern-time architecture, which has become the excellent design of choice for the global elite. In Vietnam, the magnificent European cities have been the endless inspiration for luxury and super-luxury architectural works. To capture the citizen’s taste for beauty, the charms of Europe will be recreated in the West of West Lake’s affluent neighborhood in the near future.

Drawing inspiration from the bustling shopping streets in Europe, Sunshines Homes is determined to build a “golden ring” at the prestigious heart of West Lake, the Sunshine Capital Hanoi. Over 600 private villas, shophouses, shop villas, and boutique hotels from Sunshines Homes’s large-scale projects, such as: Sunshine Wonder Villas, Sunshine Helios, Sunshine City, Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine Crystal River and Sunshine Golden River will all come together to paint a perfect masterpiece of the alluring city life exclusive to the elite.


Villas and shop villas in Sunshine Capital Hanoi in the West of West Lake’s golden land.

The perfect harmony of classical style and modernism

Customers may be impressed with the 600 villas of Sunshine Capital Hanoi with their graceful exteriors with a design nod to classic European buildings; yet they breathe the fresh air of modern, refined living. Each finest detail was meticulously crafted with utmost sophistication to embody true European style, exuding elegance and charms in design. It requires deep insight and understanding of the European way of life, and a grand vision, for Sunshine Homes to confidently bring such marvelous works to life in Hanoi.

The villas embrace a harmony of old-world splendor and modern air in Sunshine Capital Hanoi

Walking along the low-rise buildings in Sunshine Capital Hanoi, one can easily trace the influence of European architecture everywhere, even in the tiniest yet most symbolic details. No more “halfway around the world” travel is needed when one can easily immerse in the magical symphony of European living right in the heart of Hanoi.

The opulent Sunshine Wonder Villas with Belle Epoque-style architecture

The lavish Belle Epoque-style architecture graces the luxurious single villas, duplex villas, and shophouses in Sunshine Wonder Villas. In Sunshine Helios, images of the quaint and magnificent Luxembourg are brought to mind – the streets genuinely feel like a European town with its sparkling, splendid, vibrant atmosphere. The atmosphere carries through to the prestigious single villas, duplex villas, and shop villas in exquisite and exuberant Baroque style.

Sunshine Helios recreates the quaint and magnificent Luxembourg

The bustling yet dreamy and artistic shopping district

Sunshine Capital Hanoi does not stop at creating desirable villas as a sanctuary for elite owners. The opening of new commercial shops in this golden land gradually cements the project’s position as one of the Capital city’s best shopping areas. The shopping district holds an air of artistic romance, blending into the symphony of its nostalgic surroundings.

Sunshine Capital Hanoi will bring the “WOW experience” with a top-notch entertainment and shopping space. Shophouses and shop villas filled with luxury fashion brands, gourmet foods, or numerous artisan stalls shall satisfy all unique shopping needs.

Shophouses and shop villas with spacious storefront areas for guests’ shopping convenience

Besides endless shopping choices, guests can enjoy lively and exciting activities at the central square. This is where all the most happening entertainment activities occur: outdoor 7D Hologram shows, the Water music park, the Pigeon square, etc.

Sunshine Capital will bring exciting activities to residents and visitors

With the advantages of a competent professional software solution provider, all the shopping streets at Sunshine Capital Hanoi are equipped with the latest retail technologies, such as virtual reality application, digital wallets, scan & go solutions… to bring the best hi-tech shopping experiences to the 4.0 global citizens.

There is hardly any other shopping district in Vietnam with a similar scale and stature. Sunshine Capital Hanoi brings a new breeze of fresh air to the city’s landscape, setting new standards for the concept of an inner-city resort villa. Step by step, Sunshine City Hanoi is fulfilling the dream of the city’s elite class for a City-within-City lifestyle.

Sunshine Capital Hanoi – The commercial, services and financial center megacity complex of Sunshine Group in the Southern Thang Long urban zone. 

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