Sunshine Group introduces a luxury apartment project in District 2 with a wide view of the Saigon River.

In April, the Sunshine Venicia super luxury apartment project in District 2 was introduced to the market by Sunshine Group. This is the most high-class apartment project that the group develops in Ho Chi Minh City. The project impresses with the special apartment design when 100% of the apartments own 6-12 lighting fronts.

Sunshine Venicia is located right in the Binh An area adjacent to the new city of Thu Thiem – known for its luxurious villas, an ideal place to develop luxury real estate in Ho Chi Minh City. This area is called the billionaire village with hundreds of million dollar villas located in large green space and clear internal roads.

Recently, Binh An is the place chosen by businessmen and rich people to settle in thanks to the most prestigious residential community in Saigon, owning the most pure, quiet and romantic living space in Saigon when Located close to the Saigon River, opposite to Landmark 81 and Vinhomes Central Park. Living in the rich village of Binh An, residents will not face traffic overload like Thao Dien or noisy, hustle like downtown District 1.

In the luxury segment, Sunshine Venicia only provides markets 245 expensive apartments. According to the investor’s sharing, limiting the number of apartments in the project will create a level of limited for residents. On the other hand, the apartments are of high value, so make sure all residents in this project are of the elite class of society. Thus, Venicia’s living community will ensure the upper class from the heart of the project to the surrounding Binh An villa area.

Sunshine Venicia owns impressive design with unique apartment design, not a project in Saigon has. Specifically, each apartment is designed as a lily flower – Characteristic of Italy, in which the stigma is the common living area, each petal is a functional room. Among the petals is a series of beautiful gardens. With this design, all the functional rooms at the project are set in romantic and peaceful gardens.

Different from the hard and straight concrete corridors of existing apartment projects on the market. The corridor of Sunshine Venicia is designed as small winding streets, with beautiful flower gardens and galleries arranged on both sides. At the moment, there is no project in Saigon that has a specially designed corridor like Sunshine Venicia.

The privacy of each resident of Sunshine Venicia is absolutely guaranteed. Specifically, the apartments at Sunshine Venicia all own a small alley by the vibrant, romantic flower garden leading to the door to the door. This design, completely different from the current situation of door-to-door of apartment projects in Saigon.

Preliminary calculation, to create this special design, an average of 3-bedroom apartment in Sunshine Venecia owns more than 3 gardens in the apartment. This is a record of the luxury apartment segment in Saigon.

Each floor of Sunshine Venicia has a very limited number of apartments, with the tower developing only 2 apartments on 1 floor with a elevator for each apartment. The investor of the project said: In order to maximize the commercial area, most apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City have many apartments on one floor, resulting in a very low percentage of apartments with many facades on each floor. However, Sunshine Group does not choose this direction for its product line.

The design of Sunshine Venicia is said by architect Hoang Thy Phong – an architect specializing in designing luxury apartment projects: This is the most unique design in Southeast Asia, but in Vietnam, no investor has done this. Architect Phong also said that Ho Chi Minh City currently has more than 200 apartment projects. Most of the projects that are advertised emphasize the number of gadgets. However, to determine which apartment projects, we not only look at the number of utilities, but also on architectural design. Most luxury projects have special designs, to bring a more emotional experience to customers.


Not only owning a high-class design, the landscape of Sunshine Venicia is also designed in Italian with: Lime and grape gardens are filled with sunshine, endless lilies gardens, Renaissance art fountains, captivating climbing rose fall, beautiful Italian gardens around buildings or crepting in soft corridors that bent like small alleys.

The basement of the project will be arranged with flower tea shops, exquisite restaurants, romantic spas, splendid welcome hall with curved arches, the Italian art galleries are also reproduced artfully in the heart of the project.

In particular, the whole project will be applied state-of-the-art 4.0 technology, covered with LowE anti-ultraviolet rays throughout the building. Handover of the apartments is fully equipped, up to high-class standards and imported from Europe.