Sunshine Garden brings the dream living space into your home

For anyone, home is always a very important role. With the desire to bring a home - a smart green living space in the inner city, here on August 4, 2019, Sunshine Group continues to open the Sunshine Garden project, attracting the attention of numerous customers and investors.

Which living space makes us happy?

As an indispensable rule, people constantly try to achieve better values ​​in all areas of life. In particular, home – the warm nest always has a great meaning!

It is not easy to find a green living space like Sunshine Garden in the middle of Hanoi

The house is now not only a place to live, “avoiding sun and rain” but also a place to associate love and create memorable moments in life. It is the place to return after a hard day of work, you can relax or do whatever you want because that space is your own.
Capturing that mentality, real estate developers have constantly made efforts to make living spaces more and more approachable to the desire of customers. The apartments designed by the investors are not only living space but also a place for the homeowners to find the peace, happiness after the busy, chaos of life, fostering the emotional relationship among members of family.
In particular, Sunshine Group’s collection of “garden town” Sunshine Garden apartments, a desirable choice for those who seek a true living space right next to the inner city.

Sunshine Garden – 5 converging living values ​​make dreamlike living space

Located in the rare urban area, only 4 km from Hoan Kiem Lake, Sunshine Garden is constructed as a “morning garden in the city” and converges 5 values worth living: a prime location, exquisite green architecture, advanced smart technology applications, high-class facilities and especially apartments are in the process of finalizing, preparing to hand over.

Sunshine Garden apartments are meticulously cared brings life and relaxing amenities for homeowners.

The prime location in the area of Hoang Mai District, closing to many regulating lakes and Vinh Hung ecological urban area helps the project inherit a cool ecological population. From Sunshine Garden apartment, residents can look out over Uncle Ho’s fish pond and Vinh Hung lake and small lakes on Linh Nam Street, catch a fresh breeze from the Red River … start the day in a new way energy.
Far from the time when the apartment space was often associated with the image of a close-up apartment, Sunshine Garden has pioneered a true green lifestyle. The project made a strong impression with a construction density of only 50%, the lowest level compared to regional projects. In particular, the landscape core is not only shaded with trees, but also includes swimming pools, art waterfall, vegetation … bringing a healthy ecosystem and balancing natural elements. That is not to mention a series of high-class facilities: community library, standard kindergarten, Fitness, Spa, Restaurant, Mini Mart, walking street … for residents to enjoy all services right in their own living space.
Accompanying, simulating elegant and tasteful European style, Sunshine Garden’s green apartments are sophisticated and scientifically designed to take care of the large windows with spacious balcony strips that not only catch the light but also enhance the aesthetics of living space. Apartment space is optimally divided, effective air convection, standard “golden ratio” among the living room – dining room – bedroom – kitchen.

Sunshine Garden is at the final stage to be handed over so customers who buy apartments at this time will soon receive houses.

It is known that beside the interior set are selected from famous brands in the world such as: Porta Door door, Kohler sanitary equipment … the investor also focuses on using all modern toughened glass doors to optimize the natural light to every corner of the apartment, expanding the view of the green interior gardens.
Thanks to the technological strength from the investor, each Sunshine Garden apartment is applied with the most modern and advanced technology. Only with a small smart mobile phone, homeowners are able to meet every convenience in their hand, not only convenient but also enhance privacy, security, saving living costs…
With a range of advantages in location and facilities, Sunshine Garden is in the preparation phase for handing over to customers, as a result, for each round of selling, the green project less than 5km from Lake Group of Sunshine Group attracts investors and people who have demand to participate in the money and “deciding apartment”.
The next sale opening ceremony of the project Sunshine Garden will take place on August 4, 2019, which will be evaluated to continue to attract the participation of many investors and people with real needs for a green settlement, inner city and also because the apartment fund is not much. Ms. Pham Oanh, one of the customers who registered to attend the event, said: “I have consulted a lot of projects near the center but none of them meet my criteria at a “nice” price. Therefore, I am very anxious to attend this Opening Ceremony and hope I will quickly choose an apartment like that”

Sunshine Garden apartment sale ceremony will take place on August 4, 2019 at Sahul Hotel, No. 684 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City. Participating in the program, customers have the opportunity to win prizes:
– 1 special prize: 01 Honda SH 125 CBS car worth VND 70,000,000
– 1 first prize: 01 Sony 4K 55 inch television worth 30,000,000 VND
– 2 second prizes: 02 Samsung Inverter 280 liter refrigerators worth VND 10,000,000
– 2 third prizes: 02 Karofi water filters worth 5,000,000 VND
For details of the ceremony, please contact:
Hotline: 0868610222