Sunshine Garden’ most beautiful building is officially opened for sale with many attractive offers

The opening for sale of the most VIP apartments of Sunshine Garden project on October 13 is an opportunity for customers to own a fresh living space along with the most special gifts and attractive offers.

A green living space inside the crowded city

The problem of air pollution in Hanoi is getting more and more serious. At many periods of times, Air Visual, the air monitoring application has ranked Hanoi as the world’s most polluted city. In the context of air pollution, the authorities advise people not to go outside for too long. Even the simple demand of breathing becomes more tight. A green living space, a fresh atmosphere is what every citizen is wishing for at present.

Not to mention other utilities that customers and investors are able to enjoy when owning an apartment in Sunshine Garden (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi), the best thing this project offers is the green space on which the investor spends 40% of the area for green space, turning it into the largest “ecological urban area” in Hai Ba Trung District.


Sunshine Garden provides residents with a green space and a fresh atmosphere.

In addition to the core of the central landscape including a lush garden, a unique art monument, Sunshine Garden also impresses customers with greenery and lakes, pleasances, experimental gardens … All of them shall give residents interesting experiences in the fresh air, dispel the anxiety about pollution in Hanoi.

Not only do residents of Sunshine Garden live green but they also live in the most modern and convenient space, which is not inferior than any of the leading urban areas in the world.

Specifically, when becoming a resident at Sunshine Garden, residents will experience high-class, self-contained facilities with everything within reach including the shop-house series at the foot of the building, the community library, the kindergarten Sunshine Maple Bear, S’cafe, S’Fitness & Spa, Sunshine Mart …

Especially, keeping pace with the technology development around the world, understanding the time value of each customer, just like other projects of Sunshine Group, Sunshine Garden has launched an “all in one” ecosystem basing on the Industry 4.0 technology platform. With smart technology applications such as Sunshine App – the app for communication with Building Management Board and services, SmartHome – the synchronous control of indoor devices, Sunshine Cab – the luxury ride-hailing app, Sunshine Pay – the e-wallet and online payment gateway…, homeowners can experience a true enjoyment in life like living in a smart hotel or resort. By just a simple touch on their smartphones, Sunshine Garden’ residents can distantly order services such as laundry, child transportation, housemaid hiring, … or online shopping and be dedicatedly and thoughtfully served by the professional team of Sunshine Service.

G3 is the most beautiful and VIP building of Sunshine Garden.

Buy high-class apartment, get special offer

On October 13, Sunshine Group investor will hold the opening event for sale of G3 block – the most beautiful and most VIP building of Sunshine Garden project. G3 is also the last block for sale of this project. It means that the opportunity to own lavish apartments here is not much.

As noted in the market, the closer to the final stage approach, the greater the demand for green apartments at Sunshine Garden becomes. The transactions are heating up day by day at the distribution and sales agents.

On this occasion, investors and customers will be able to own a convenient and fresh living space with extremely tempting incentive policies such as: a 2-year management service package and a separate interior package worth VND 250 million.

On October 13, customers will have the opportunity to own an apartment designed in European style with a broad and clear view.

Customers will be supported in loan of up to &75% of apartment’s value in the time of 25 years after disbursement. However, in addition to the above loan, the buyers are supported with the interest of 0% till June 30, 2020. It also means that their financial pressure can be substantially reduced because they can get the house to live in or to do business in by Quarter IV 2019, but it is not until half past year after that they have to pay bank’s interest.

Therefore, if customers decided to “spend money” to buy the apartment at the building G3 from Sunshine Garden at this time, they may buy the house with an incentive price. Particularly, Sunshine Garden has been gradually completing and preparing to handover. As a result of, customers can feel safe about construction’s quality and the “turnkey” is coming up.

In addition, in order to express the gratefulness customers and welcome future owners of the project, at the last season of selling this Sunshine Garden, the investor will give many valuable presents in Lucky Draw game to successful buyers. Specifically, 01 special prize is a diamond ring with the value of VND 50,000,000, 01 first prize is an IPhone 11 Pro Max with the value of VND 30,000,000; 2 second prizes are 01 Ipad 7.9 Inch with the value of VND 15,000,000 each; 03 third prizes are 01 smart watch Apple Watch Series 3GPS Aluminium Case with the value of VND 6,000,000 each.

Additionally, the attendants can take part in Lucky Draw game with a present of 01 Cool Gel Memory Foam Amando Casa Mattress of VND 10,650,000.

“This is an unmissable chance for “hunting” investors or whoever wants to find a classy apartment” Sunshine Group representative shared.

Opening for sale ceremony of G3 Sunshine Garden Building

Place: Sales office- Sunshine Garden Project, Duong Van Be Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Time: from 9 a.m to 12 a.m on October 13, 2019

Customers who want to register to join in the event, please contact:

Hotline: 08 6861 0222