Sunshine Diamond River – New prosperous symbol in the center of Saigon

Towards the peace in every moment, Sunshine Diamond River - a residential resort complex built in Resort 4.0 style, is about to appear for the first time in Vietnam.

Urban Resort 4.0 style complex in the center of dynamic Saigon

Besides Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Bangkok, Saigon also gradually makes a presence in the list of famous dynamic cities in Asia.

Following the success of the first project Sunshine City Saigon when Nam progressed, Sunshine Group continued to impress the Saigon real estate market with the first disclosure of information from the Sunshine Diamond River project – the urban Resort 4.0 style complex first appeared in Vietnam.

Sunshine Group representative said: “We look forward to making a contribution to the Saigon development with well-invested real estate projects from Sunshine Homes. Sunshine Diamond River, one of the latest projects that we have dedicated so much to bring life experiences to the level of relaxation for future residents, a true resort 4.0”.

Located in the most beautiful position of District 7 with 3 sides of the river and between the development triangle of District 1, District 2, District 7, Sunshine Diamond River with 8 proud towers is arranged according to the closed compound model, own a green and fresh living space but only a few minutes away from bustling Saigon.

Sunshine Diamond River is expected to become a super resort 4.0 on the Saigon River…


Declaration of a splendid life on the Saigon River

Not only is the infrastructure, landscape, and facilities of world-class facilities, Sunshine Diamond River also offers Resort 4.0 lifestyle to appear for the first time with 3 values: Smart Resort – Smart Utility – Intelligent Life.

In overall, Sunshine Diamond River is a large-scale project that has smooth resonance and harmony of 3 elements from the green of the trees, the blue of the water and the light from the unique architecture of the building.

“Arranged to intermingle with buildings as a system of hanging gardens, walkways … to reduce the concrete effect, resonating with the water system to cool the whole urban area”.

Continuing with the green of grass and trees, a large water system with a modern swimming pool system and internal rivers creates green and fresh air for the whole urban area. In addition to the swimming pools and spillways arranged with many uses, the highlight of the interior is the ecological canal system, bringing convective air to the entire urban area with abundant flora.

Consistent with trendy Neo Modernism architecture, the highlight of the project is the unitized glass wall system. With the preeminent characteristics of the most modern Low – E glass, most apartments have wide panorama vision, combined with the hanging garden system is calculated very carefully, bringing a real Green space and relax for each owner.

In addition, the buildings are designed in sophisticated rosettes, providing absolute ventilation, maximum wind and light in all living spaces, while ensuring the most beautiful visibility for each apartment.

Class of super resort 4.0 on Saigon River – Sunshine Diamond River is also an All-in-one model, with luxurious and isolated living space, fully equipped with facilities for living, entertainment and trade, education … within the area.

As same as an all-round absolutely glittering and perfect diamond, Sunshine Group dismisses the mass concept of its project, to make investment every gadget worthy of becoming a highlights of the project.

It is the appearance of the quintessential essence beside the light and water square which is the representative of the brilliant future, is the softness of the interior river next to the most modern international standard swimming pool system, is a lush green garden …. with modern technology applications developed by Sunshine Tech, a member of Sunshine Group.

The technological element which has become Sunshine Group’s identity continues to be covered all over the space, bringing Sunshine Diamond River into a true super resort 4.0 with the synchronization from Sunshine smart home application, Face ID technology to ensure the absolute safety, security, Wi-Fi system for free urban area coverage, ventilation, fresh air pumping and environmentally friendly moving solutions with bicycle rental system, mobile power charging stations in the basement dedicated to electric cars and electric scooters,…


Living in Sunshine Diamond River, residents will experience the top 5-star resort services every day with the support of technology 4.0.


With a mission to contribute to the South Saigon urban development, Sunshine Diamond River deserves the choice of a high-class community where global, wealthy and radical thinking are always aimed at the values of modern life and sustainability of the future.


Information about Sunshine Diamond River project



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