Sunshine Sky City – deserving place to experience life.

An apartment in Sunshine Sky City is not only a house, but it also is a full home. In here, your family could enjoy the convenient life and experience different states of emotion which could not be forgotten.

Healthy life with “a house covered by glasses”

Sunshine Group is willing to pay hundreds of billion to bring the design of glass design to each Sunshine Sky City apartment. With this design, all apartments will receive the maximum natural light, or just sliding doors, the wind will flood in every corner. The use of natural light and wind also helps residents save electricity costs in lighting and cooling.

This design also has a great effect in bringing exciting and energetic life every day for residents. Natural light and wind will provide the homeowner’s health and mood with a comfortable room and airy space. Especially for families with small children, living in an apartment filled with natural light will help children grow up healthy and happy every day.

With Sunshine Sky City, the investor has changed everyone’s mind about the living space of the apartment – which was considered to be uncomfortable for many people. The installation of glass has helped the apartment reduce the space for the back balcony, but still ensure the ability to catch wind and light. Not only that, inside the apartment, the rough concrete arrays are minimized, each functional room is designed to optimize the use, making the apartment space become spacious.

The glass used at Sunshine Sky City is Low-E glass system. Low-E helps protect an apartment from dangerous rays of the sun. This type of glass also ensures the healthy for each family member, especially children by prevent dirt from outside air from entering the house.

Live healthy with resort 365 days standard.

Sunshine Sky City is currently a highly appreciated project thanks to its large area of trees and water surface. The investor said that up to 12,000 m2 of green trees and water surface are used to create the landscape and air conditioner inside the project. The extensive area of green space from trees, flowers and grass, as well as a large surface area of water has helped Sunshine Sky City become a pure and unpolluted ecosystem.

It can be said that Sunshine Sky City is a unique project of Saigon as the investor large invested hundreds of billion in “water” utilities, making this place become an “oasis” in small scale. The first to mention is the unique overflow waterfall, vividly flowing inside the project. Dozens of detention basin are arranged throughout, adjacent below the towers to create a spectacular sight. You go jogging lightly on the wooden bridges and sometimes stop to rest on the bungalows.

In roof area with many interesting utilities, such as: Rooftop Bar, Rooftop Café you can incredibly enjoy the moments by chilling in cool water of infinity pool while sipping warm wine in the middle of the sky. Is Sunshine City Saigon worth experiencing?

Smart and convenient life

Sunshine Sky City has brought a whole new definition of “smart home”. The investor not only installs smart devices, they also program and create a “steward” for residents.

“Sunshine steward” can effectively support the life of the owner with a series of smart devices such as Face ID, smart speakers … The most surprising is still the “setting” scenario function of Sunshine Sky City. Not having to use too much physical manipulation, as you set yourself a “go home” scenario on the Sunshine App, right from the moment the car is still on the road, the air conditioner, the necessary lighting equipment, warm water in the bathroom, curtains will be turned on and an available parking space is available for you.

In the era of technology, Sunshine Sky City does not stand outside of the game. The investor catches up with the trend quickly and then becomes a pioneer to create a preeminent 4.0 lifestyle for residents.

Live emotionally with the family

All of the above mentioned utilities only become meaningful as you enjoy them with your family. The Home Resort subdivision which has just been launched is the remaining piece to help the lives of residents’ family become more fully.

This subdivision is invested with ideal area for children growth, such as: several green parks, large area in detention basin purifying the air, minimizing respiratory disease risks, developing children growth on mentality, preventing them from autism.

Home Resort subdivision also has many facilities for children to experience such as: Fairy garden with activities to explore bungalows on trees, mushroom houses … In particular, virtual reality lighting technology will provide children with the study of the galaxy with mysterious constellations or the vast ocean. Sunshine Sky City also has amusement parks that develop learning, self-defense and reflex skills to help children develop comprehensively physically and intellectually.