Sunshine City Sai Gon: A prosperous life symbol next to the thriving Ca Cam River

Sunshine City Sai Gon is located next to Ca Cam River, which brings a perfect living space with the intersection of the most prosperous cities in the world.

District 7- “A delicious piece of cake” for investors
It is impossible to not mention to Phu My Hung Urban Area, which has changed the whole appearance of this suburban district when referring the District 7.

Thanks to international living environment, river and water areas, numerous trees, low population density, this place has become a place for successful people, including foreign people to settle for years. According to statistics, 50% of the population in Phu My Hung is foreigners with various nationalities such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, England, American …
Phu My Hung has been ranked as one of the most worth-living urban areas in Sai Gon in particular and Vietnam in general for consecutive years.

District 7 has become a busy urban area with a synchronized planning.

In a working session between Chairman of Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee and District 7 held on April on socio-economic development of the year, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee showed his desire to make District 7 become a model urban area. He said: “It is necessary to make not only Phu My Hung but also the entire District 7 become a trading, service and shopping center where qualified living spaces and entertainment facilities are available”

On the way of becoming a model urban area, District 7 is about to welcome a series of large projects with investment with the an estimated capital of more than US $ 5 billion such as intersections of Nguyen Van Linh and Nguyen Huu Tho, Thu Thiem 4 Bridge, Kenh Te 2 Bridge and Ben Thanh – Hiep Phuoc Metro. Furthermore, District 7 is going to construct some new traffic facilities to connect two southern key economic regions, including Ho Chi Minh City- Long Thanh – Dau Giay and Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong.

The transportation system makes District 7 become a connection transportation point, creating favorable conditions for the development of modern residential areas. Along with the development, the land fund of District 7 shrinks, therefore, it is not exaggerated to say that an inch of soil is an inch of gold. This is a “titbit” for investors, housing buyer at high-class segment.

A high-class living space next to Ca Cam River

Areas for the rich have been shaped world-wide for years. They are often coast or riverside areas with airy, quiet nature that are suitable for rest.

For example, the super-rich has landed in Monaco, because that small country has three sides adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, which makes this country has a very wonderful location of leaning against mountain and facing sea. Additionally, Paris residents often choose to settle in Seine riverside urban areas, London residents often choose to settle in Thames riverside areas and the rich of New York often choose to settle in Hudson riverside areas.

Catching up with the global trend of “next to the river” luxury real estate in the world, Sunshine Group has launched Sunshine City Sai Gon next to Ca Cam River in order to bring perfect living space with the interference of the most prosperous cities in the world. It is the rich coastal life of Monaco, the prosperity of Paris or crystallization of tradition and modern of London.

Sunshine City Sai Gon next to Ca Cam River

To build a green living environment in harmony with nature, Sunshine City Sai Gon spends 12,000 m2 for water surface from the internal river system, landscape lakes and green tree park and 70m2 /building for hanging gardens. Especially, the investor lay out an area of over 100m2/floor for evacuation place in accordance with international fire protection standards. This is one thing that not any high-class project can do.

Sunshine City Sai Gon has the water surface of up to 12,000m2

Being the accommodation of high social class, the luxury high rank is expressed in every detail by Sunshine City Sai Gon. They are the exterior with Low-E glass, Kohler high-class gold-plated sanitary equipment and European fire protection systems and anti-noise system.

Not only civilized and worth-living like Phu My Hung, Sunshine City Sai Gon also sketches  the dynamism to keep pace with times’ trend when supplying Smart Living ecosystem with a bold mark of 4.0 technology.

If the superrich country like Monaco whose one third of population is USD millionaire, is known as the safest place in the world with 24/24 security system, at Sunshine City Sai Gon, residents’ safety  can be guaranteed greatly thanks to Smart Security system with installed multilayer controlling system, security camera in numerous location, Face ID system, etc.

Moreover, at Sunshine City Sai Gon, residents can feel a truly VIP life easily when technology is applied everywhere so that it can meet your every daily needs. From when your car comes home with Smart Parking to when you enter into your apartment for experiencing Smart Home  application and being served from A to Z by Smart Management to book cars, the medical examination, room cleaning, etc.

Smart Home combined with Smart Living ecosystem creates a special mark for Sunshine City Sai Gon

Thanks to above distinctions; Sunshine City Sai Gon surpasses a lot of big rivals to win “the best luxury apartment in 2019” award at the prime Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2019. With the passion as long with the five-star service under international standard and intelligent technology, Sunshine Group hopes to create standards of high-class living value in Sai Gon.