Where the roads were inaugurated, the price of houses rose up, investors got big profits

Infrastructure leverage has created a strong resilience for real estate in the West of West Lake in general and Ciputra Hanoi in particular. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the price of luxury apartments here has increased significantly within the past 1 year.

Strong infrastructure waves

According to the development policy of Hanoi City until 2030, with the vision to 2050, the West Lake area is expected to welcome a series of top departments including 13 Embassies, 6 government departments. including: Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Construction … will be relocated here.

Recently, the Government has upgraded and expanded a series of arterial roads for this area. Specifically, Vo Chi Cong and Nhat Tan bridges came into operation. The extended Nguyen Van Huyen street, Pham Van Dong road (ring road 3) in Mai Dich – Nam Thang Long section, expanded to 12 lanes, were officially opened to traffic and facilitated convenient traffic to different parts of the city.

Những dự án nào ở khu vực Tây Hồ Tây hưởng lợi nhờ sóng hạ tầng?

The 60m road connects two arterial roads, Vo Chi Cong and Pham Van Dong, to help traffic in the Northwestern area of Hanoi become smooth. (Photo: Internet)

Moreover, most recently, the 60m route connects two arterial roads of Vo Chi Cong (to Nhat Tan bridge) and Pham Van Dong (going to Thang Long bridge) – one of the important turning points to help solve all the long “traffic problem” in this area also officially came into use. Besides, urban railway No. 2 connecting big urban areas in the West of West Lake – Ngoai Giao Doan is being implemented.

The increasingly synchronous transport infrastructure system is a big lever to increase the value of real estate projects in the West of West Lake in general and Ciputra area in particular, making this destination attract the elite and many international visitors.

Real estate price increases, investors get big interest

Although infrastructure waves in the West of West Lake area are very strong recently, it does not benefit all projects. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh – General Secretary of Vietnam Real Estate Brokerage Association, the acceleration of transport infrastructure in the West of West Lake has created a boost for the real estate market in this area to develop. However, real estate hardly can become hot in just 1 or 2 days because it takes at least 5 years for new ministries to move here.

Having the same viewpoint as Mr. Dinh, the experts also said that although the infrastructure is more modern and more synchronous, however, not all projects in this area have recorded growth in prices. Only projects located along Nhat Tan – Noi Bai axis, Pham Van Dong street with 12 lanes expansion, which have good construction progress and a prestigious investor, have a breakthrough.

Observing the market, it can be seen that, among the projects in the West of West Lake, Sunshine City invested by the Sunshine Group is one of the projects attracting customers the most, becoming more and best-selling with increasing price. According to the information we have obtained, since the official launch of the project in mid-2018 until now, the price of apartments here has increased by more than 10%, many investors have earned a large profit.

Bất động sản Tây Hồ Tây

Real estate in the West of West Lake has strong potential for price increases

According to investors, Sunshine City has a strong increase in price compared to other projects because the whole Sunshine City project is nearly 5 hectares located near the Nhat Tan bridge, the highway toward the suburbs, going to the airport and the neighboring provinces, and there are also radial routes to easily enter other districts in the inner city.

Moreover, this project owns a high-class utility chain, from four seasons swimming pool, gym and yoga area, 5-star international preschool, to shopping center, high-class cuisine, bar, café right at the foot of the building, …

Especially, Sunshine City is equipped with a system of high-class facilities, which is superior to that of all other projects in the West Ho Tay area including helipad, overhead walkways connecting high-rise towers, sky bar or an infinity pool on the rooftop, breaking the limits of view, opening up a rich landscape and an impressive relaxation space.

In addition, the green space and exquisite architecture along with the modern Low E glass system covering the whole building also create valuable highlights that make the position of Sunshine City.

căn hộ Sunshine City

Since the official launch for sale in mid-2018, the prices of Sunshine City apartments have increased by more than 10%.

In addition, attractive and flexible sales policy from Sunshine Group is also an advantage for buyers when they enjoy many incentives from gratitude programs, discounts, support for home buyers. offering rare opportunities to own a satisfactory apartment right within your reach. For example, recently, Sunshine City is applying a 2-year incentive package for service management fees, with Sunshine School voucher worth 50 million, and offering attractive interest rate support compared to the market.

“With the development of infrastructure and transportation, plus the location in the model urban area of Ciputra Hanoi, I believe that in just a few years, real estate prices in this area will increase rapidly” –  Ms. Thu Ha, a customer of Sunshine City is expecting a big profit after deciding to buy an apartment in this project.