Projects with the investment of trillions Vietnamese dong in utility development in Saigon South area

Many high-end projects in the South are invested by the investors with thousands of billion Vietnamese dong to develop the landscape and utilities.


Saigon South Area is the destination of many high-end projects

The South Saigon real estate has long been one of the destinations of high-end projects. Investors poured tens of trillions Vietnamese dong to develop projects in order to serve upstream customers. To conquer this segment, a beautiful house is not enough. That is the reason why the investor needs a lot of effort, brainpower and money to create worthy utility campuses.

Among the South Saigon projects for the rich, three prominent names are Sunshine Diamond River, Sunshine City – District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, or Midtown of Phu My Hung that attract many customers with the investment of trillions Vietnamese dong in landscapes and class amenities.

Sunshine Diamond River is one of the key projects of Sunshine Group in the Southern market.

Sunshine Diamond River Project is located at the confluence of the Saigon River and Dong Nai River. Surrounding the project is Red Light Park, with nearly 100,000 trees, developing on an area of ​​820,000m2.

In addition, Sunshine Group has invested tens of thousands of m2 to develop tropical gardens. Prominent among them is the thematic sub-area with many rare species of plants. Tropical gardens are distributed around the artificial river, which flows around buildings. At the walking routes on the lake, the unit sets many combination of bungalows. This will be a cool spot, drinking tea, receiving guests.

Located on both sides of the artificial river are walking streets, shopping, food, and fashion shops. In particular, the investor put into operation the “shopping in the park” system – shopping street between the park.

In the evening, the project operator will organize a series of art lighting performances combined with water music on the river. Residents can both take a refreshing paddle and enjoy the scene light show. A series of aerial gardens combined with rose gardens, golf courses, and yoga gardens are arranged by Sunshine Group from the podium to the rooftop. Sunshine Diamond River owns 12 infinity swimming pools at a height of hundreds of meters and 4 inter-tower swimming pools connected.

Sunshine Diamond has a combination of sky bar and rooftop cafe, totaling 1,100m2. In particular, the sky bar center above 100m high, 600m2 wide. Particularly, the galactic garden is 500m2 wide. The entertainment complex at Sunshine Diamond River has an area of ​​nearly 10,000m2, with items such as Disneyland and fairy garden for children (4,000m2); movie theater (2,000m2); Bowling area (500m2); Tiniworld and children’s play area in the house (2,000m2); ice skating rink (1,000m2), etc.

Sunshine City – District 7, Ho Chi Minh City is deployed on an “oasis”, amidst the largest artificial lake in Saigon

In addition to Sunshine Diamond River, Sunshine Group also impresses with the Sunshine City – District 7, Ho Chi Minh City project. It is known that this project is implemented on an “oasis”, in the middle of the largest artificial lake in Saigon. Around the lake, the investor arranges a walking system, utility areas, outdoor sports, flower gardens and greenery to help the project stay green like a resort.


Sunshine City – District 7, Ho Chi Minh City also impresses with 99 large tropical gardens in the heart of the towers. Specifically, on each individual apartment floor, the investor will arrange a tropical garden. Preliminary, the total size of the 99 gardens will amount to nearly 10,000 m2. The top rooftop area of ​​the project is greened by a series of cloudy swimming pools, polar meditation gardens, aerial walkways, spice gardens and tropical parks.

Sunshine City – District 7, Ho Chi Minh City is arranged with nearly 70 diverse utilities: nearly 10 infinity swimming pools at a height of hundreds of meters, an indoor 4-season swimming pool, inter-tower pedestrian bridge system filled with trees, landscape lakes 12,000 m2, the system of nearly 10 meditation gardens and cloud-walking paths, dozens of multi-style restaurants, Fitness Center & Spa system scale, etc.

“Large-scale housing projects with good idea investment landscape, methodical design and synchronized planning are becoming factors that attract the attention of investors”, said Dr. Tran Nguyen Minh Hai, a real estate expert of Banking University.

“The consumption of these projects has been recorded from quite good level upwards. Even in Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent areas, there have been many projects creating a craze for out-of-stock, recording record consumption thanks to new landscape utilities”, added Dr. Tran Nguyen Minh Hai.

However, according to this expert, besides landscape factors, good utilities, real estate buyers are also interested in product quality, investor brand, price and potential of the project. To deploy the actual landscape, large-scale utilities such as parks, amusement parks with the original design are not a simple job and will certainly add significant costs.