Buy a luxury apartment in Hanoi’s “rich house” is only from VND 365 million

Not only spend the “easy” initial capital, Sunshine City apartment buyers are also supported by the investor with interest rates up to 30 months - an unprecedented extended policy on the market.

Buy a luxury apartment from only VND 365 million

As one of the first products to be launched in the Hanoi real estate market by Sunshine Group, Sunshine City is expected to bring a whole new living experience with green space and trendy lifestyle 4.0.
Currently, when choosing an apartment in Sunshine City with the price from only VND 3.65 billion, customers can benefit greatly from the 10% prepayment policy. Accordingly, the initial amount that the buyer has to prepare is only VND 365 million. Customers are also supported by the investor’s partner bank for up to 70% of the apartment’s value, for 35 years – one of the longest loan projects in the market. However, the more special thing is that with the aforementioned loan, the buyer is fully supported by the investor within 30 months, which is until March 31st, 2022. It also means that the financial pressure of customers will be significantly reduced when at the end of 2019, it will be able to receive houses for living or business, but have to pay interest on the bank 30 months later. Previously, in the market, some investors had launched similar policies, but only applied to low-rise real estate types.

Only from VND 365 million, customers can own a Sunshine City-class apartment in the “rich” area of Hanoi..

According to calculations of financial experts, with the current interest rate of the lowest bank 9.3% per year, if having to pay interest in 30 months, the amount is estimated at about 594 million. However, when choosing to buy houses in Sunshine City, with flexible and attractive policies, customers will have 30 months of interest rate support, which means: Buyers will save a large amount of money mentioned above, especially during the period of interest rate support, they can rotate the capital from a profitable business or have more time to arrange financing to accelerate the repayment of principal.

Shared by Mr. Pham Thanh Hung, a person who has just decided to buy a Sunshine City apartment, that initially, he hesitated because of concerns about payment schedule, as well as affordability. However, after being introduced the sales policy, he assessed that it was appropriate, extending the payment schedule for buyers, especially young buyers, who need financial resources to do business, but still want a quality living place.

According to him, the policy of 0% interest rate in the current 30 months of Sunshine Group is very rare in the market and not every investor applies to projects because it depends on financial resources and a firm cooperation with guarantee bank.

For those who buy apartments to exploit later, this is also one of the policies to help the investment problem become “easier”. Customers after paying 10% can get the apartment to put into operation and profit from the end of this year, but the investor is still supported interest rates and must not calculate the payment until the end of March 2022. interest. During those 30 months, buyers can earn hundreds of millions from the rental of luxury apartments. Because, according to a recent report of Savills, in Hanoi, Tay Ho district is always considered to be the region with the highest profitability of apartments for rent up to 5.7%/year.

Nice location plus green, airy and comfortable space, Sunshine City is an attractive place for many investors to invest.

Top choice for living as well as investing

Right from the launch, Sunshine City has been evaluated as one of the projects not only suitable for buyers for living but also an ideal choice for investors who want to exploit for rent by a prime location, not high-class living space and high-class utility ecosystem.
The project has unique architecture, expensive location in the model urban area of Nam Thang Long – Ciputra – which is known as the “rich house area” in Hanoi. Right along Pham Van Dong street, Sunshine City makes it easy to connect and move to the central urban core area thanks to the modern infrastructure system.
In addition, the project also owns a 5-star high-class internal facilities including: swimming pool, aerial walkway garden, shopping center, gym-yoga, sky bar area… to satisfy all needs of rest, entertainment and shopping. A walkway with a metro system connecting all 6 buildings in the third floor space of the apartment is a unique highlight of Sunshine City, bringing an exciting experience first appeared in the Capital for the project resident community. Not to mention, when being the owner of Sunshine City apartment, residents not only enjoy the internal chain of the project itself, but also inherit the diverse range of utilities of a series of Sunshine Group branded projects in Tay Ho Tay area.

Sunshine City converges a series of high-end internal and external utilities, satisfying all the needs of relaxation, entertainment, shopping … of anyone.

Especially, the project is currently in the process of finalizing the final stages and about to be handed over to customers in the near future. With expensive plus points and attractive sales policy, Sunshine City – “the best luxury housing in 2018” project (voted by Dot Property) is a unique opportunity for those who are looking for an ideal place to settle in Hanoi.

Sunshine City Grand Opening and Appreciation Event

Time: 09:00 – 12:00, September 29th, 2019

Place: Sunshine City Sales Office, Ciputra Urban Area, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi

Intensive project consultancy program with rain of gift up to VND 158 million.

For registering to attend, please contact: