Smart investment options of Hanoi Real Estate in the second half of 2019

When you own an idle amount of money, you naturally want to invest in something that is profitable. But it must be considered carefully to choose the field to invest.

Which channel to invest with idle money?

Choosing the right channel to invest will make your money profitable. Illustration: Internet.

The world financial market fluctuates due to the latent moves of the US-China trade war, therefore, investment channels such as stocks and gold tend to fluctuate, saving interest rates are not high. In that context, financial experts said that real estate is still an investment channel that brings the most prospects, especially projects coming into handover stage thanks to the potential of investors as well as shortening the waiting time, limiting risks in construction progress.

Not to mention that looking back on the Hanoi real estate market from the beginning of the year until now, experts have seen a fairly stable situation. Contrary to the “heat” of suburban land plots, the Hanoi market in general witnessed a significant decline in supply, especially in the apartment segment, down 25% compared with the same period in 2018.

The forecast for market developments in the last 6 months of 2019 still has many positive factors to help the Hanoi real estate market develop stably, according to Nguyen Van Dinh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association of Realtors, housing demand in Hanoi is still high, for example, in the first quarter of 2019, the market liquidity reaches 92% …..

Which market will continue to occupy the top position?

West of West Lake real estate market with numerous advantages still ranks first for investors to choose.

In the expanding wave to the West and the South of the city, a series of projects: My Dinh – Cau Giay – Me Tri triangle in the West or the Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan areas in the South … and a series of projects contributing to the attraction of the Hanoi market. But all seem to be unable to overcome the top spot of the area around West Lake.


In the past 10 years, Tay Ho Tay has made impressive changes. Modern transport infrastructure is synchronized with 3 major roads: Pham Van Dong and Vo Chi Cong on both sides and Nguyen Van Huyen – the key road running through the urban area is about to be completed, connecting West of West Lake with every spot in and out of the city.


Green buildings are also focused with parks and lakes, bringing a romantic and lively landscape to residents in the area. Not to mention, in the near future this area will become the destination of cultural works: Thang Long Theater and Hanoi National Museum of History…


Possessing outstanding development potential is the reason why there are a series of prestigious projects such as the 88-storey Vietinbank tower,  Lotte Center, or the up coming Sunshine Empire complex building … which is expected to become a future administrative center or a “Wall Street” of Hanoi within the next 2-5 years.


It is for this reason that West of West Lake real estate, which has always been classified as “golden” land, now truly becomes “diamond”. A series of projects in this area recorded an impressive price increase, of which Sunshine City had a remarkable increase compared to the time this project was launched. According to the assessment of Mr. Tien Dung, a longtime investor in the West Lake area, since the project officially opened (about mid 2018), some apartments here have increased by more than 10%.


The prime location in West of West Lake area with many special high-class facilities are about to be handed over, making Sunshine City a bright choice for investors.

Sunshine City – a bright choice for investors 

One of the reasons why investors can feel secure when investing in Sunshine City is because of the prime location of the project. Located in Nam Thang Long urban area – Ciputra Hanoi, from Sunshine City, residents can easily follow the highways to suburbs, airport and neighboring provinces, and at the same time, there are routes to the center for residents to easily access other districts in the inner city.

Besides, this project owns a chain of high-end facilities, from four-season swimming pool, gym and yoga, preschool international 5-star standards, to shopping malls, high-class cuisines, bars, cafes beneath the building … Not to mention a range of high-class utility that not many can have, including: helipads, elevated walkways connecting high-rise towers , sky bar or infinity pool on the rooftop …

Not only delicate design, the investor of Sunshine City also spent a part of construction area on creating valuable green spaces. Along with that, the modern Low E glass system covering the whole building brings a unique and luxury to the project.

Up to now, with the construction progress exceeding the plan, the heat of the Sunshine City project is also increasing. Sunshine City project has topped off all 6 buildings, the finishing work is actively implemented. In addition, the landscape system, utility infrastructure is also gradually changing shape, construction progress is speeding up to hand over the apartment to future owners soon … Therefore, according to the experts this is a promising profit option for the second half of 2019 that investors should not ignore.

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