Loss in the European garden in the center of peaceful Hanoi …

The green canopy with shimmering lights and the open natural landscape of Sunshine Garden are like an enchanting picture that makes one easily think of a “Metropole” in the heart of Hai Ba Trung District , Hanoi. .

Is there a second “Metropole” in Hanoi?

The last day of November, in the cold weather in Hanoi, walking at the campus of the place known as “Morning in the garden”, where the launch ceremony of the most beautiful apartment building of the Sunshine Garden project, every look, every facial expression on the guests’ faces cannot hide the astonishment: “It seems like a European-style garden, the most luxurious features of 5-star Metropole hotel are in here. ” 

Sunshine Garden’s bright garden will be the venue for the romantic outdoor parties of the residents living here.

With a romantic design, following the neoclassical trend, right from the first moments of encounter, Sunshine Garden has made people comforted with a sense of calm and peace. Gentle, warm party is held outdoors, mingling with nature in the colorful shimmer of the fountain, making Sunshine Garden residents and guests like immersing in a elegant, classy living space.. 

And in the near future, outdoor parties full of music and lights like these will be held more often, as a daily life rhythm of residents of Sunshine Garden with lots of aftertaste and emotion.

> Discover the beauty of Sunshine Garden, reminiscent of a classy, ​​luxurious “Metropole”:


Like many of the guests present today, Mrs. Huyen Trang (40 years old, a successful businesswoman), contemplated the poetic view and shared: “When attending the party at Sunshine Garden, I suddenly remembered my study abroad days in Europe, where there are so beautiful poetic gardens. It makes me feel somewhere in the shadow of Metropole – a symbol of a rich, luxurious living substance. Indeed, right now, the urban area I live in can completely style like a 5-star hotel, where every resident is like a guest in their own living space.”

Metropole with the core of poetic landscapes is the inspiration for Sunshine Group to build the core of the Sunshine Garden landscape.

Mrs. Huyen Trang’s words and the scenery of Sunshine Garden made everyone applaud. She mentioned a “sky of hope”, subconsciously reminiscent of the most luxurious image of Metropole in Hanoi.

Metropole is the first and oldest 5-star hotel in Hanoi Capital. Since 1901, after more than 100 years, Metropole is still a classy symbol with a romantic landscape core and elegant campus, filled with colorful plants. Coming to Metropole, people are immersed in green spaces and lush green gardens.

In the memories of many people, Metropole is truly a symbol of the most livable place, where only the elite, celebrities and politicians can live and enjoy. Metropole’s system of utilities and services is so attractive that many families and rich people think of bringing the 5-star resort space of this hotel home.

The story tells that the idea of ​​a distant dream is never true. But now people can touch that dream. A comfortable house like a hotel, a top living space like a lavish resort …

All existence is clear and true at this Sunshine Garden. Because of these feelings, Mrs. Huyen Trang decided to order an apartment in the G3 building of Sunshine Garden.

Enjoying the romantic outdoor party

Imagining the life of her family when she returned, Mrs. Trang smiled and thought about the leisurely strolling time in the green campus or walking through quiet walking paths to start a new day.

Understanding the future residents of Sunshine Garden desiring a relaxing and relaxing place after a tiring working day, on the project’s premises, the investor has subtly built many water surface areas and overflowing waterfalls. arts and greenery so residents can breathe fresh and cool air.


Waking up in every morning and opening the door, residents can catch the dawn, take a deep breath, enjoy the fresh, pure air among a green nature, watch the garden from overhead with sunlight streaming through each leaf. They can start the day healthy and radiant with light exercise or jog, nourish at the elevated pedestrian bridge or landscape walking routes right inside the project area.

In the afternoon, everyone can immerse themselves in the clear blue water of the beautiful outdoor swimming pool or have fun with their children in the community garden at the building. 


Outdoor parties of music and light can be held regularly at Sunshine Garden, bringing exciting spiritual food to residents.


At night, you can take a walk on the green roads to enjoy the gentle atmosphere and immerse yourself in the magical shimmer spread throughout the urban area. In particular, the overflow area with unique art monuments creates a very beautiful landscape for the project. The investor expects this place to become an interesting check-in place. Water music with modern lighting technology, top music also promises to bring a vivid resort experience for your family.

On weekends, you can have a cup of coffee with your loved ones and admire the morning garden full of colors of plants, flowers or enjoy the romantic outdoor party at the morning garden.


Outdoor party is held at Sunshine Garden.

In addition, libraries, international schools, outdoor sports areas, sun decks, experimental gardens … are the outstanding highlights of Sunshine Garden that any home buyer would expect when searching the future home for their family.

“I am really impressed with the green landscape core of Sunshine Garden – where there are many gardens, swimming pools, creating the feeling of a peaceful and peaceful life in the influence of light, trees and peaceful colors. Living here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, immersing in nature, I have a feeling I will live a few years longer ”- Mr. Nguyen Van Tan, a future resident of the project proudly shared.

Let’s feel the enchanting natural picture in the European garden in the heart of Sunshine Garden City through TVC below: :