Many buildings of Sunshine Group were awash with red nation flag, cheering Vietnam before SEA Games 30 final match

After 10 years of waiting, U22 Vietnam officially named themselves in historical football match: Final match of SEA Games 30. Cheering for the “golden star warriors”, Buildings of Sunshine Group in prime locations of Capital city were awash with by national flag and the word “Come on Vietnam”.

Joining the exciting atmosphere of the country before the U22 Vietnam SEA Games 30 Final against U22 Indonesia, to cheer for the national team, 24 hours before the match, the Sunshine Group buildings in Hanoi were simultaneously glowing the national flag and the words “Come on Vietnam” as a way to energize the “Golden Star Warrior”.

At Sunshine Center Building, the image of Vietnam national flag was brightening with red color making everyone excited in triumph.

Huge national flag by LED at the “headquarter” of Sunshine Group – Sunshine Center, located at expensive Pham Hung road, in the center of My Dinh Area contributes to the atmosphere of waiting for victory news.

KAs the city lights up, Sunshine Center really stands out with the words “Come on Vietnam”

These images surely will be a huge sense of inspiration and motivation for our football players in historical match, bringing victory to the nation.


Not only the Sunshine Center, the Sunshine Riverside project (located at the foot of Nhat Tan Bridge) has also become an expensive highlight that attracts all eyes with the image of the brightly lit national flag on all 3 splendid towers.

This impressive image of energizing encourages all those who go through Vo Chi Cong road to the center of the capital.

The content of energizing was changed flexibly. The words “Come on Vietnam” was displayed as a message from the hometown to the national players, competing in Philippines.

In order to be able to bring these spectacular images, the investor Sunshine Group has largely invested up to dozen of billions for the LED art technology system.


Sunshine City is covered with national flag so as to boost energy for National team’s players.

Being equal, the “brother” of the Sunshine Group – Sunshine City project (located in the expensive location of Ciputra urban area) next to Sunshine Riverside, with the advantage of 6 consecutive high-rise buildings showed the beauty and magnificence when wearing the national flag and the cheering words for the Vietnamese team.


It can be said that during the past 2 decades, Vietnamese football has always been one of the formidable “forces” of Southeast Asia, but never once touched the championship. More than ever, the night of October 12, fans all over the country are full of hope and firm belief in the realization of “a dream that have gold medal” of men’s football at SEA Games. Coach Park Hang Seo and the team are just away from the first time winning the gold medal in the SEA Games in a match with the predestined opponent U22 Indonesia.

In these days, the whole country is heading forward to historical football match of Vietnam. In many specific ways, residents are boosting energy to National football team U22 in the important match.

Sharing about unique cheering way by lightning system from its own buildings, representative of the investor Sunshine Group said: “As millions of Vietnamese residents, we would like to show deep love to National Men’s Football Team and wish they would be able to become the champion of Southeast Asian football:.

Not only in occasion of cheering for football, in national day or other holiday, buildings of Sunshine Group has also been transformed into huge national flag. Being differentiated from other buildings which only have LED light system in some main towers, Sunshine Group is willing to pay so as to has LED light system in every surface of the tower making magnificent rainbow system. This is expected to create typical architectural symbols in the region.