Before Tet holiday – a golden time to purchase a house in Hanoi

At the end of the year, this is a moment that investors offer many special preferential policies while banks promote financial policies for house-buyers. It can be said that this is the perfect moment in year for customers to purchase the house with the most reasonable price.


Year-end is a golden time to purchase a house due to preferential policies from investors

Near Tet – the golden time in the year to purchase a house

In the sunny winter afternoon, Mr.Khang and his wife signed the contract in happy, officially becoming the owner of an apartment in Sunshine Garden – a scarce green project in the center of Hanoi.

Not long ago, his wife had just given birth to a second child. Due to his busy schedule, he was unable to take care of his own wife and his oldest child, Mr. Khang asked his mother and mother-in-law for help. In the cramped house, 4 adults and two children are busy living, trying to keep the house neat and clean but cannot. Not to mention daily guests also come in and out to visit the new-born babies, making the space even narrower.

I shed tears as I saw my mother sitting down in the corridor looking down the road because I missed the spacious scenery in the countryside. Or when my mother-in-law saw me sleeping in the living room, she told me to come in with her so that she could sleep with her granddaughter, but every time the little girl cried, she had to rush over. Unsatisfied, I made up my mind to buy a bigger apartment before Tet so the whole family could have a happier Tet. With the funds set aside to invest in a business project, I decided to postpone the plan to buy a house.” – Mr Khang shared.

Similar to scenario of Mr.Khang, Mrs Phuong (from Thai Binh) also rushes around to find an apartment to welcome Canh Ty Tet Holiday because of the worry about PM2.5 dust in the city center. “My mother had sinus problems, but this year the situation is much worse, probably because of the increase in fine dust. My daughter also coughs all the time making me worry to insomnia. Just the last wave in November saw the pollution index increase dramatically, so I decided to look for a healthier area to move to. You must buy it before Tet.” – Mrs. Phuong shared

The reason both Mr. Khang and Ms. Phuong are rushing to find a house before Tet because besides the desire to have a new home to welcome Tet, this is also the time when real estate investors launch a lot of incentives for customers. On the other hand, banks will also promote policies to support home loans with attractive interest rates. Therefore, homebuyers will have more choices and opportunities to buy apartments at a more favorable price.

Sunshine Garden – a perfect choice for an apartment in the end of the year with preferential policies

While reading the newspaper, Phuong saw an advertisement for the Sunshine Garden project, so she clicked on it. She was immediately impressed by the images filled with greenery surrounding the buildings, and at first glance, she felt the fresh, cool air like in the countryside.

I went to visit Sunshine Garden in my lunch break. Although it is winter, the afternoon is still quite sunny, in addition to the dry weather, there is a lot of dust, but having just stepped inside the project, the atmosphere immediately calmed down. Green carpet covers the buildings exactly as in the advertising photo. I did not expect a project just 4 km from Hoan Kiem Lake could spend so much area on trees.” – Mrs. Phuong shared

Being covered with green trees, Sunshine Garden brings a pure living environment

By chance, Mr. Khang also went to visit this project at the same time as Ms. Phuong. The two were taken to see sample apartments of all three buildings, but were most impressed with the G3. This is also the most VIP building of the project. With an area of over 100 square meters, each apartment has from 3 to 4 bedrooms depending on demand. All are equipped with furniture from many expensive brands in the world. In addition, each apartment here also spends a large area to make multi-purpose rooms such as costume rooms, sports rooms … Anh Khang plans to turn these rooms into a playroom for his children.

Most of the apartments have views towards the core of the project center, which is designed as a European garden right in the center of the town with the entire space covered with green and arranged in harmony with the art statue with lakes and walking routes. Not only that, with the goal of fully meeting the needs of residents, Sunshine Group develops the entire Sunshine Garden project under a closed compound model including utilities: shophouse, shopping center, entertainment area, restaurant, health care area, Sunshine Maple Bear school, community library, etc. This is what makes Phuong most satisfied: “So we can live only in the area to ensuring the atmosphere fresh and still have all the utilities to meet the needs.”

Project core area is developed as European garden in the city center

Mr. Khang is also completely convinced with the apartment here, but what makes him decide to buy a 4-bedroom apartment right away is the Sunshine Group’s preferential policy and customer support, which is a gift package of management services for 2 years and a separate interior package worth VND 250 million when buying apartments in G3 building, are deducted 90% directly from the total value of the apartment. Besides, just paying 10% of the apartment value is equivalent to 290 million, Mr. Khang can own the Sunshine Garden apartment, or he can pay in full early so as to enjoy 10% discount of the price.

In particular, Mr. Khang as well as other customers will be supported by Sunshine Group’s partner bank up to 75% of the apartment value for a period of 25 years, since the disbursement. More significantly, the aforementioned loan was supported with 0% interest rate until December 2020. This means that Mr. Khang can move into a new house at the end of 2019 but he has to pay interest on the next year.

I intended to use investment fund to buy a house but thanks to supporting policy of Sunshine Group, I could continue the investment and use that interest to pay the bank’s loan. It is one stone kill two birds” – Mr Khang shared

Similar to Mr. Khang, Mrs. Phuong decided to buy an apartment immediately thanks to the preferential policy of the project. In addition to the support packages, Ms. Phuong also has the option of one of two gifts: a Sunshine Maple Bear school voucher worth VND 100 million or two gold taels worth VND 80 million. She decided to let children go to school here to ensure that the child does not have to be exposed to so much dust and smoke so she chose the school voucher. It is known that the above policy will be for customers who buy houses from now until the end of December 31, 2019.

Ho Minh Cuong, director of a real estate agent, said that by the end of the year, the difference in supply and demand in the market was quite large. While the demand for real estate in the market is still high, the supply plummets, especially in the high-end apartment segment. Therefore, many investors restrict preferential policies. Sunshine Garden is one of the few projects that have a great policy to support customers at this time despite having many advantages. Along with the preferential policies from investors, this is an ideal time for customers to “place an order” to own the most luxurious and spacious apartment in the Southeast region of this city.

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