The future appearance of the two sides of Saigon river seen from a series of billion-dollar projects

Along the 2 sides of Saigon River is a series of big projects with investment capital of billions of USD, including projects that are expected to be symbols of the City in the future.

Recent years are being been considered as throne years of high-class riverside real estate when along Saigon river sides growing up many large-scale projects. If on the East bank of the Saigon River, projects in Thu Thiem new urban area will quickly replace coconut palms and wild reeds, in the West bank is forming many great projects of big real estate…
According to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Architecture Planning, there are two main planning projects that will shape the appearance of the central area of Ho Chi Minh City along the Saigon River. That is, the planning project of Thu Thiem new urban area (East bank) and the planning project of the existing central area expanded by 930ha – including a part of Binh Thanh district, a part of district 4 and the whole of district 1, district 3 (West bank).
The planned expansion of the existing center of Ho Chi Minh City with a total area of 930ha was announced in the middle of 2013, defining the Western bank of the Saigon River, the section from Saigon bridge to Tan Thuan bridge with the width of 275ha is a new, versatile development area. Running along the river will form a series of cultural parks, entertainment and public parks.
Currently, the appearance of the two sides of Saigon river is being changed dramatically. As planned, beside the high-end residential area, on both sides of the Saigon River, there is a commercial area, offices, 5-star hotels, modern entertainment complexes … with a common construction density of the urban area is about 35%, the maximum number of floors is 55 (equivalent to a height of 220m); architectural space is organized in the direction of lowering towards the Saigon river bank.

According to observers, if calculated from Saigon bridge (Binh Thanh district) extending along 2 sides of Saigon River to Tan Thuan bridge (District 4), there are 50 buildings already in construction. Besides the big urban areas that have been put into used such as Vinhomes Central Park, Sala urban area… a series of big projects are going to be deployed, such as the Park of Bach Dang Wharf, Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi Complex area with scale of 31.5ha, Ba Son port …
Specially, one of the largest megacities along the sides of the Saigon River is the investment project on the construction of the technical infrastructure of Mui Den Do park and the urban housing area (with the trade name of Saigon Peninsula). The location is in Phu Nhuan ward, district 7, Ho Chi Minh City, adjacent to Ba Buom ditch and Saigon river on Dao Tri street, this area is also known as Mui Den Do area. The total area of the planned project is about 117ha, including a multipurpose mixed park of about 82ha and a residential area of about 35ha including the most high-end resorts, hotels and entertainment area of Saigon. The total investment is estimated at 6 billion USD.
As planned, this urban park also includes apartments, resort villas, grade-A office buildings, 5-star hotels, international passenger ship ports … Currently, according to observers, the investor is deploying the construction of the internal infrastructure and the project management house, especially the embankment system surrounding this whole large area.
In addition to the large projects that have been prepared and are being built, the two sides of the Saigon River are emerging with large-scale projects being granted construction investment. They are Saigon Pearl Apartment with 10 buildings, Water Bay project of 12 buildings or a project of 8 buildings constructed according to Resort 4.0 trend … Especially, in the South of Saigon, along the both sides of Saigon River in district 7, a series of projects of major investors in the market are growing extremely exciting
At that time, the Saigon Center will no longer focus only in District 1 but will spread along the two sides of the Saigon river like the development trend of cities with world-famous rivers like Seoul capital (Korea) developed along the banks of the Han river, London (England) with the Thames river or Paris with Venice river in France.
Real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang commented: “In addition to the important value of the location, the factors of river views, lake views and canal views are the second leading criterion to create real estate value. For projects with river views, the real estate value increase by 10-20%, this really stimulates investors “.
Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, said that the current trend of Ho Chi Minh City real estate market is to integrate many utilities and environment-friendly, including projects located along the river, which will bring not only aesthetic value but also Feng Shui meaning for customers living here.