Hanoi giant spends billions buying luxury apartment: Receiving house “far different” from 3D drawing

Believing a house is like a "special branded" and luxury item that affirms its owner’s status, everyone tries to find the best apartment to celebrate a happy reunited New Year Festival together with their family.

Deciding to bring the whole family to Vietnam for living right in the period near the New Year Festival, Mr. Thanh Trung, a successful businessman who has spent many years abroad, has a passion to find a suitable apartment where he can enjoy a cozy and happy New Year Festival. 

“Sifting sand in search of gold” 

Like many other customers, Mr. Thanh Trung struggled to buy houses at the “golden time” of the real estate market. The desires of most of the population to settle a residence place to welcome a coming New Year cause a sharp increase in the supply around this time. The reason for this rule is because this is the time when buyers have already accumulated a large money after a year of working, investors launch super attractive sales policies and banks also promote loan support packages with low interest rates. Obtaining numerous economic and spiritual benefits, every year, on occasion of the New Year coming, the real estate market is always getting vibrant.

Around the end of the year, people are usually hasted to search for and purchase new houses with the desire to welcome a New Year Reunion in a new home

Hastily buying a house at the end of the year is difficult, but it’s even much more difficult to get an apartment well – matched with the rank of the rich. For ordinary people, having a new house to celebrate the New Year Festival is happiness, but for successful people like him, it is also a way to “show off powerfulness”. New Year Holiday is a relaxing and resting time for rich people like Mr. Thanh Trung to have opportunities to meet and entertain important partners and friends at their houses. Then, the house would become a “special branded” item to present the status of its owner. He wants his residence place to cause any noble guests who visit his family on this New Year Holiday to be full of admiration and praise: “Choosing a house is not like buying a shirt, as you randomly take one and then put it in mothballs if it no longer fits”- said Mr. Thanh Trung.

In 2019, according to experts, the supply of apartment products is relatively rare. Results from many surveys show that only about 10 projects are in the handover stage to meet the immediate needs for residence in this coming New Year. That the supply is limited while the demand is constantly increasing makes buyers more and more struggling to find a house.

Sunshine City Hanoi brings an upscale living privilege to the owners of each apartment

Leaving aside all busyness of his work, Mr. Thanh Trung spent time visiting all projects in the handover stage in Hanoi to make comparisons and choose the best one. As a good repayment, after searching many places but not feeling satisfied, “encountering” the apartment project in the most livable place in Hanoi City – Sunshine City, in the Nam Thang Long Urban Area, Bac Tu Liem District, Mr. Thanh Trung was extremely excited and decided to spend his money on this place which was chosen as the residence of his whole family.

On house delivery: Shocked because it is even more beautiful than 3D drawings

Mr. Thanh Trung said, Sunshine City is nearly the last project that he visited. When seeing the drawings of the apartment, he was so impressed that he determined to go on site to “have evidence of his own eyes”: “Entering the apartment, I feel … deceived. It is just joking. In reality, the apartment is much more beautiful and luxurious than in the 3D drawings”– Mr. Thanh Trung funnily said.


Every little detail in the apartment of Sunshine City manifests luxury and classiness

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Sunshine City has caught the “green eye” of such a “connoisseur”, like Mr. Thanh Trung. Located in the golden land of the Western West Lake, a favorite residence of the elite, Sunshine City proves that the “Best Property in Vietnam” granted by Dot Property Vietnam Award to Sunshine City in 2018 is a sound affirmation about the classiness of this project.

Following Mr. Thanh Trung to visit his house in Sunshine City, the first impression is at the regal splendor in each pattern. The smallest details, gold-plated lines, sophisticated interior items … all show up the noble rank of the homeowners. Apartment furniture is imported from the worldwide famous brands. Not only glitter than in the 3D design, the apartment in the real life also creates an incredible warm and peaceful feeling.

Another special impression is at the spaciousness and harmony with nature. Sunshine City does not bring a feeling of an apartment building on a high level. The apartment is bathed in natural light and wind penetrating through the balcony with large windows.

The bathroom with imported gold-plated furniture manifests the regalness and nobility of the owner

Not only owning a desirable living space, the project also provides utility services to satisfy and enhance the enjoyment of residents. The chain of 5-star standard utilities on the project site is enough for the owners to be proud of the most civilized and modern living environment in front of visiting relatives and friends.

“For me, finding this apartment is also a success. The home must be a relaxing place where we want to be back after a busy day. On this New Year Holiday, I will also receive many important visits and this apartment really makes me feel proud”- Mr. Thanh Trung excitedly shared.


On the eve of the New Year, Sunshine Group Investor “welcomes” future residents with extremely attractive policies, such as vouchers for attending Sunshine Maple Bear International School worth VND 100 million or vouchers for shopping at Sunshine Mart worth VND 50 million, …

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