Transferred apartments always attract customers 

Under law of real estate operation, investors can sell real estates formed in the future when they have just completed the foundation of the construction, guaranteed by the bank and with inform of Department of Construction. Because the majority of Vietnamese people all has characteristic of “Comfort better than pride”, there are a lot of customers willing to pay a higher price than that one in the beginning of the project to buy an apartment transferred in the near future or even a turnkey one. 

Purchase of projects formed in the future help customers buy apartment with lower price than completed apartment and they can pay according to the construction’s progress. However, it usually takes customers from 2-3 years to get their housing.  

Mr. Nguyen Van Toan who is a customer anxious to buy a classy apartment to move in immediately instead of managing to live in a narrow house with 4 floors, the area of 18m2 only on Tam Trinh street, Hanoi, shared that his wife was going to give the second birth, so he wants to live in a more spacious and fresher apartment where has a space for his children to play. Moreover, his family need to hire a house helper after his child was born, so he looks forward to buying an apartment with 2-3 bedrooms so that his family can gather to celebrate Tet right in this year.

When buying a completed project, customer can clearly and directly inspect the quality if the construction. (Image: Sunshine Garden)

“When visiting the completed project, I can see the inner area’s landscape in reality, experience utilities or check interior quality, space design, so that I can related to my demand and hope. In a lot of projects, investors even develop technologies or increase experience for customers by facilitating them to visualize more clearly about their future life here. 

The projects which completed infrastructure and utility, ready for transference, are not only attractive for customers anxious to seek for residential house, but also a magnet to investors. Because for customers having demand for investment, completed projects help them exploit housings for benefits soon and shorten time of capital recovering in order to turn over capital to broaden their investment. Thus, in term of time, completed projects gain an advantage over others.

A rare green project is transferred immediately in Hai Ba Trung District

After over a month of finding all around Hai Ba Trung area, Mr. Toan finally found a suitable apartment which is available to live in and meet all of his needs.

Mr. Toan said: “When studying, there is a project located right on a large road but it has disadvantage of noise when too many vehicles move on that road, unsafe security, polluted environment caused by dusty smoke. I like a central urban area with convenient traffic but it is better to locate in deep lane so that I can enjoy a peaceful life isolated from noisy city life.

Landscape core is sparking with lot of colors in Sunshine Garden

In addition, Mr.Toan shares that after his wife gave birth, his parents living in countryside would sometimes visit them and stay for a long time. Therefore, he want to find a living place with green trees and garden so as to bring about fresh and cool atmosphere to his parents as in the countryside. Thus, right after entering in Sunshine Garden apartment building and getting lost in colorful campus with plants from landscape core to the path or eco-garden among floors, Mr. Toan was really conquered.

 “I visited Sunshine Garden in late afternoon when the city lit up. I visited an apartment on the 9th floor and looked down for artistry fountain, which made me amazed by color light from the garden. European decoration and French architecture in designing the green space made me feel it as a Metropole. Alright, landscape core is so close to Metropole, with Metropole style. I like that!” Mr. Toan shared cordially.

Metropole appears vaguely in Sunshine Garden.

Not only Mr. Toan, some other customers like Ms. Vu Thi Thuy (living in Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) are attracted by green tree area accounting for 40% of Sunshine Garden area when she visits the project directly. Additionally, because of being a busy businessman, Ms. Thuy specially cares about close compound model here. Her family hereby saves much time when seeking all needs of shopping, eating, relaxing and entertaining right at her own apartment.  

 “I can send my children to Sunshine Maple Bear international pre-primary. At weekend, I may relax at swimming pool, spa or shopping freely at Sunshine Mart supermarket or shophouse area right in the building’s podium. When she is too busy to prepare dinner, her whole family may come to restaurant in the project’s campus. Moreover, Sunshine Garden also has library, bar, S’café, where I can let stress out when being tired” Ms. Thuy expressed.

It is known that Sunshine Garden project giving special incentive programs in this stage such as supporting loan of 75% with 0% interest and 10% discount for customers paying early, and free service management in 2 years. Buyers is presented an interior package of 250 million dong for housewarming when they buy Building G3, interior package of 150 million dong when buying Building G1, G2. Besides that, investors may receive incentive program of choosing 1 of 2 gifts for customers in the event of Lunar New Year, which is Voucher Sunshine Maple Bear of 100 million dong or 2 Tael of gold of 80 million dong

Receiving incentive price compared to common market, attractive policies and convenience of other five-star urban areas, both Ms. Thuy and Mr. Toan decide quickly to buy Sunshine Garden apartment (Vinh Tuy, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) so that they can move in soon and decorate their apartment for Tet.

On 30/11/2019, investor is going to hold the opening event of model apartment G3 in Sunshine Garden project and give lucky draw presents up to 150 million dong to show their gratefulness for customers. For detail information and register the event, please contact:

Hotline: 086 861 0222

Website: http://garden.sunshinegroup.vn/