“World – shaking” on first day of 2020: Opportunity to own standard resort apartment for only VND 2,020

Customers may win the opportunity to purchase a 4.0 resort apartment along the Saigon River (Sunshine Diamond River) worth up to VND 3 billion for only VND 2,020 when successfully booking one of the two projects Sunshine Horizon and Sunshine Continental Saigon on the Sunshine Super App.

In recent days, the news that Sunshine App, a super-app with full of “all in one” features is coming soon has become a hot topic for discussions among investors as well as the real estate market in Vietnam. This is a super application connecting the Sunshine Group Investor with its residents, customers, investors and brokerage system. At the same time, it is also a tool to provide official information about the luxury real estate products, healthcare, educational and technological services of the Sunshine Group to customers.

This super app integrates many features such as: online house buying – selling – renting, project consultancy, investment, consumer loans, calling for service vehicles, travel, education, healthcare and shopping, etc. on a very modern technology platform, worthy of “an alternative app for every apps”.



Furthermore, Sunshine Group will play generously by giving customers who do transactions on the Sunshine App the opportunity to buy a luxury apartment along the Saigon River – Sunshine Diamond River for only VND 2,020 on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It makes the market once again “shaken”.

This news not only attracts attention of numerous customers, the public but also the press and mass media.


Buying a house through the Sunshine Super App, customers have the opportunity to receive attractive gifts worth up to billions of VND


Particularly, on the first day of the Lunar New Year (or January 25, 2020), one of the customers who have booked for one of the two high-end projects Sunshine Horizon and Sunshine Continental Saigon in a completely new way (booking through the Sunshine App) will have the opportunity to welcome the God of Fortune on the first day of the Lunar New Year: that is the opportunity to buy a Sunshine Diamond River apartment worth VND 3 billion at a surprising price of VND 2,020. That means the lucky customer will pay for only one apartment but own 2 apartments.



In particular, the gift worth approximately 3 VND billion – a one-bedroom apartment at the Sunshine Diamond River, is a luxury standard resort apartment, located at the most beautiful location in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City with 3 sides adjacent to the Saigon River. Pioneering to bring three peak living values (Smart Resort – Smart Utility – Smart Life), Sunshine Diamond River is a rare project that has received both two prestigious awards: The most breakthrough green building project in Vietnam and the most favorite project in 2019 voted by DOT Property Vietnam Awards 2019. In the context of the constantly hot real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City, Sunshine Diamond River Project right from its launch in August 2019 has always been sold out, creating an irresistible attraction for people in Saigon.


Sunshine Diamond River – a 5-star standard resort apartment in the center of Saigon is an expensive gift for a lucky customer who has booked to buy apartments from either Sunshine Horizon or Sunshine Continental via the Sunshine Super App


It is known that the first two projects distributed by Sunshine Group through the Sunshine Super App are two “super products” bringing a “resort-like” living space in the heart of such a bustling and hustling Saigon: Sunshine Horizon (District 4) and Sunshine Continental Saigon (District 10). These two projects are considered to bring a breakthrough and significant change to the appearance of Ho Chi Minh City in the near future.

Specifically, Sunshine Horizon – a complex of five – sense apartments will be the place where every resident can experience the classy utilities of a 5-star standard resort worthy of an inner-city wonder. In order to create a “daily tropical resort” lifestyle, Sunshine Horizon is a harmonious combination of the green elements generated by hanging gardens, parks and walkways with the green elements from rivers, swimming pools and multilayer artistic overflow waterfalls, creating a “unique” relaxation space for each family.



Besides the 4.0 resort complex – Sunshine Horizon, the Sunshine Continental Saigon Project also scores good impressions with the upper class of Saigon by its unique experiences and luxurious levels of a “living high”. This is a place to show your personal level, where to enjoy the most uplifting and most complete of the vibrant life in Saigon. In order to meet the maximum needs of customers, Sunshine Continental provides a variety of building designs from luxury apartments, penthouses, sky villas, commercial and service malls, shop houses and officetels.



Not only limited at the opportunity to buy a house for VND 2,020 on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2020, right at the launch event of the Sunshine Super App taking place on January 9, customers may have many opportunities to receive other great prizes such as: the first prize worth VND 1 billion, the second prize worth VND 500 million through the Sunshine App. The amounts of these prizes shall be directly deducted from the purchase price when the customers pay for any desired apartment at the event.


Sunshine Super App is a smart super app that provides attractive profit-making opportunities for investors, buyers and sales professionals

In addition, for all customers who buy houses in the Lunar January, Sunshine Group will offer VND 200 million vouchers to buy Samsung Electronics Combo when their transactions are made successfully (and also offer a 40% discount on the listed prices of Samsung electronic devices for those making purchase orders on the Sunshine App). This is also considered a clear evidence of the strong cooperation between Sunshine Group and Samsung in their strategy of “smartizing” Sunshine apartments.

Details of the Sunshine App launch event:

Time: 19h00 on 9/1/2020

Location: The Adora Center, 431 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City