It’s hard to believe that buying a luxury apartment in Hanoi for only 360 million

Many people always think that, with 300-400 million they will be difficult to buy a house. However, with that money, employees can not only easily buy a house but also own a luxury apartment in the golden land of Hanoi City thanks to the extremely attractive customer support policy.

Being hesitate to buy a house because the money saved is not much

The choice of buying an apartment with those obtained low- and medium was not easy, but for high income earners, it is not easier at all. They must consider choosing a project that shows the class of the homeowner but still has to be affordable. Currently, many families choose to rent a house to save enough money to buy a luxury apartment with full amenities. For them, 1-2 billion of savings is not nonexistent, but it is still a headache to think to buy the most suitable apartment.

Who obtained high incomes tend to choose the luxury apartment in the golden area of the Capital.

Mr. Luan (33 years old, Business Director of a fashion company) said: “My family is currently renting a relatively spacious apartment. We plan to rent for a few more years then considering buying house because we want to have enough money to buy a high-class apartment. But I think we will soon have another child, it will be too cramped, my wife and I still decide to buy a house to stay in a long-term and to have place for grandparents to take care of grandchildren.”

He thinks that, but the fact is not easy with Mr. Luan and his wife. With nearly 1 billion savings, Mr. Luan spent many months searching for many projects but he could not find a satisfactory accommodation. Good projects have high prices, moderate projects have poor transport and social infrastructure.

Sunshine City – the project has the most attractive support policy just before Tet holiday

On the morning of the weekend, at the model apartment block of Sunshine City Hanoi – a luxury project of Sunshine Group, Mr. Luan said: “I thought I had to rent a few more years to afford a house but luckily I know about Sunshine City. The price for a 3-bedroom apartment here is from VND 3.6 billion but I only need to pay 10% in advance, equivalent to VND 365 million, and I have a luxury apartment in the golden land of Hanoi.

Mr. Luan said a colleague had just bought a house in Sunshine City and introduced him here. He surfed Internet to find out and extremely overwhelmed by the luxury and class of the apartment here. The interior is not only from world-class brands such as Kohler, Woodsland, Daikin , … but some details are also very sophisticated inlaid with gold. The apartment is also integrated with smarthome system, which Mr. Luan never thought of when buying a home.

Sunshine City apartment interior is exquisitely inlaid with gold

Too impressed, he asked his colleagues and knew that Sunshine Group has an attractive customer support policy with many choices. If you pay 80% in advance, you will receive a discount of up to 17% of the apartment value, applied until December 31, 2019. If paying in installments, customers only need to pay 10% of the selling price of the apartment in phase 1, the bank will support loans up to 70% within 25 years from the date of disbursement. More specifically, this loan is also supported by the bank with 0% interest rate for 30 months – a long time.

Mr. Luan has discussed with his wife and decided to bring their savings to buy an apartment in Sunshine City. When visiting the project, he was surprised because the investor also offers many other preferential policies for customers. There are 2 options to support 0% interest rate of the bank since the disbursement. He can choose not to pay interest within 30 months, no later than 31/3/2022 or within 6 months, no later than 30/4/2020 with 14% discount on apartment value (excluding VAT and KPBT ). “After careful consideration, I decided to choose option 2, paying interest after 6 months to receive a discount because the bank interest payable is higher than our rent insignificantly.” – Mr. Luan share.

Also choosing an apartment in Sunshine City, Mr. Trung Duc (35 years old, owner of a family business) shared, the apartment here is extremely perfect, suitable for all criteria of his family. Owning a prime location, it only takes a few minutes to reach the central areas, the project spends a lot of area to plant trees, bringing a fresh atmosphere, separating from smoke, pollution outside. There is also a full range of high-class facilities, from four-season swimming pool, gym and yoga area, 5-star international preschool, to shopping center, high-class cuisine, bar, café right on the basement of the building, … Moreover, with the 10% prepayment policy and bank loans up to 70% of the value of the apartment, he did not have to spend all his money for business to buy a house and he will invest them. “I chose the 0% interest rate subsidy for 30 months, no later than 31/3/2022 because banks do not collect charges early repayment, and in  the meantime, I can fully repay this loan by my invested amount” – Mr. Duc said.

Sunshine City spends a lot of space for trees, bringing a rare fresh atmosphere in the inner city.

When buying an apartment here, Mr. Luan and Duc’s family are also free the 5-star quality management service for 2 years and receive a voucher of Sunshine Mart – Sunshine Group’s supermarket system, worth VND 50 million. In addition to the support packages, Sunshine City also has 2 gifts for customers to choose: a Sunshine Maple Bear school voucher worth VND 100 million or 2 gold ounces worth VND 80 million. Because the economic situation is not too satisfactory, Mr. Luan chose 2 gold ounces and deducted 90% directly from the selling price of the apartment. As for Mr. Duc, wishing that his children could study in the freshest environment, he chose the school voucher. It is known that the above policy will be for customers who buy houses from now until the end of December 31, 2019.

Sunshine City’s representative said: “With the desire to bring the most perfect experience to our customers, we have negotiated, linked with banks to offer the most optimal customer support package. We are confident that Sunshine Group’s projects, including Sunshine City, always the projects with the most attractive incentive policies in the time of Tet hoilday. ”

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