Lavish apartment of the rich, every small corner is “pretty as a picture”

Arriving at the expensive Sunshine City apartment, the living space of the upper class, people will surely be overwhelmed by a perfect place in every detail which has a splendid, regal and modern beauty.

In 2018, Sunshine City of Sunshine Group was honored to be “The best luxury housing in Vietnam” by Dot Property. In particular, the project located in the prestigious Nam Thang Long urban area, on the “golden land” of Western West Lake (Hanoi) has become the “destination” of wealthy Ha Thanh people. The story about a high-class residence of successful people has aroused curiosity of everyone. After all, how different and luxurious is it? To find the answer, people visit Sunshine City apartment and cannot help saying: “It’s really pretty as a picture” right by their arrival.



Color in an apartment is extremely important as it not only expresses owner’s personality, affects his emotions but also somewhat carries feng shui impacts. In Sunshine City, the dominant color of the apartment is bronze. This is the dominant color trend of high-class apartments in the world, which creates a cozy and peaceful feeling for homeowners when they return home as well as shows the noble and prestigious quality of the upper class.



Light and wind are the important factors that make up a luxurious and worthy apartment as they help avoid stifling problem and turn the apartment into a place connected with nature. Sunshine City’s living room is arranged right next to the large balcony with transparent glass doors, giving the apartment stable light source. Interior designers deftly install 2-layer curtains to filter the light and add elegance to the room.



Following the most popular interior design trends in the world recently, the dining and kitchen area are connected to the living room to create ventilation, spaciousness, closeness and pleasantness. Large dining table placed in a suitable location will be the place for cozy, gathering and peaceful meals of the whole family.

The dining area’s decoration show elegance and luxury as well, from warm background colors to highlights of chairs or “so-cool” wine display.


Understanding the meaning of the kitchen, where the fire lights up the love for the whole family, therefore, the architects have dedicated and paid attention to detail. The kitchen area of Sunshine City is arranged in a modern and minimalist style in both lines and details. The main color of the kitchen is white, deep brown to create a spacious and clean area. In addition, Sunshine City’s kitchen is located next to the logia, helping homeowners feel relaxed every time cooking and making the kitchen more open.


The bedroom has an elegant and gentle color and the highlight is the large windows, opening up a spacious view of the natural landscape outside. In this bedroom, the owner of the house can enjoy relaxing moments after exhausting days of work, relieving the chaos of life to have a good sleep.


Sunshine City selects the “companion” of Kohler – a brand with 145 years, world-leading reputation in the field of bathroom equipment manufacturing. All the bathroom equipment is imported directly from this popular brand. All the details such as the border around the washbasin, the shower, the towel bar, the hanger or the spray nozzle are plated with luxurious gold.

Not only scoring with minimalist design with high-class materials, Sunshine City’s apartment also presents luxury in the smallest things with a closed chain of utilities right on the project site – where every human needs of life are satisfied at the most perfect peak. Unable to hide her joy, Ms. Phuong Hoa (Entrepreneur 38 years old) – owner of the apartment in Sunshine City excitedly shared: “With this place, perhaps every day I am looking forward to returning home to enjoy the peaceful moments with my loved ones. The high-class and luxury are clearly displayed in the apartment of Sunshine City that makes me feel satisfied and proud of my home. ”



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